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“Taze Ay” is a group of companies and one of the largest manufacturers of sausage products, confectionery and dairy products, producing. totally about 500 types of food products.
The production facilities are certified in accordance with the requirements of international food quality and safety standards. The enterprises operate a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, and the food safety management system, which complies with the requirements of the ISO 22000: 2005 standard, it is confirmed by the presence of certificates of conformity in each of the factories.

Basic facts

History of the company

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    In 2004, the brothers Orazov Begench and Rejep decided to start producing confectionery. For this purpose, unfinished buildings on a 0.81 hectare land plot were rented in the Gokje farmsky association of the Vekilbazar etrap of Mary velayat, which were subsequently purchased in 2015 ... By the joint efforts of the brothers, repair work was carried out and the necessary equipment have been bought.

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    With the aim of recognizing the products by the consumer, in 2005 the brothers made a joint decision to create the “Taze Ay” brand, the right to which was registered with the State Service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan.
    As it is known in the nation, the brand’s name is in Turkmen language, the phrase "Täze Aý" means a new month.
    According to popular beliefs, to see the outlines of a month emerging in the sky is a good sign, portending good luck.

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    Later in 2006, Orazov Begench decided to start producing meat and sausages. This made it possible to master a new market niche and in a short time.
    Over the period of time, the “Taze Ay” group gained fame as a stable and reliable company, expanding the geography of wholesales, and creating a stable image of manufacturers and suppliers of quality products on the food market.

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    In 2010, his elder brother, Orazov Guvanchmyrat, began his business - the production of dairy products.
    By agreement between the brothers, all products are produced by them under the “Taze Ay” trademark.
    In the future, thanks to the correct marketing and logistics strategy, a stable dealer network for the supply of manufactured food products was formed throughout the country. Later, the dealer network expanded, after which the managers decided to gradually expand their own fleet of vehicles, thus reducing the cost of hiring vehicles. Thus, our own vehicle fleet was created, which carry out cargo transportation throughout the territory of Turkmenistan and beyond.

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    In 2015, a new modern workshop was built for the processing of meat products, the production of sausages and meat semi-finished products (dumplings, manti, dumplings). The workshop produces about 100 types of various sausages, frankfurters, meat products, divided into two main categories - general and “halal” (without pork meat and fat).

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    In January 2015, Orazov Rejep established FE Datly Sherbet.
    In 2017, a new modern workshop was built, the main activity of which is the production of confectionery products such as:
    • wafer products;
    • cookies;
    • sugar cookies;
    • cupcakes;
    • cookies Choco Pie «Köke paý».


We strive to ensure that all our enterprises are equipped with modern and high-tech equipment.

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In addition to the fact that the products must be of high quality, they must also be safe for the consumer.

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Principles of work

New items

Haýwanat dünýäsi

  • Salted Cheese Cracker
  • GMO

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  • Sugar cookies enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • GMO

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Our news


New production technologies

Jan. 26, 2019

Equipped with the latest technology and producing about 90 tons of confectionery a day, the company produces "Bella", "Dide" cakes, "Täze aý", "Ylham", "Harman", "Talyp" cookies and sugar cookies and more.


Exhibition 2020

Jan 18, 2019


New items "Täze Aý"

Jan 18, 2019


"Täze oba" village, Mary district, Mary region, Turkmenistan
Dairy products: 15, Seydi Street, Mary, Mary Province, Turkmenistan

Confectionery: +993 522 1 84 91
Meat products: +993 522 1 82 30
Dairy products: +993 522 5 43 76


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