Factory of production meat and sausages goods

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Today, “Taze Ay” meat processing factory is the undisputed leader of the domestic meat processing industry in Turkmenistan. Our company has been successfully operating in the meat products market since 2005, providing an environmentally friendly production cycle. Since its foundation, the main goal of the company has been the production of natural, environmentally friendly meat products of the best quality.
Today about 67 products are produced - sausages, sausages, delicacies. There are two sausage shops on the territory of the factory, including "halal", a production site for the production of semi-finished meat products, refrigerators and freezers, and other auxiliary facilities. The design capacity of the enterprise for meat products is 40 tons per shift.

Confectionery factory

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The confectionery factory "Täze Aý", created according to a modern project, is equipped with high-quality imported automatic equipment. Its production capacity can produce 123 tons of confectionery per day. The main types of products manufactured by the factory are: biscuits, muffins, waffles, cakes and pastries. The factory today has 7 main lines: cookies, sugar cookies, 2 lines of sandwich cookies, muffins and and 2 waffle lines, where the above types of products are produced in a wide range. The assortment includes 10 types of waffles, 27 types of muffins, 6 types of two-layer sandwich cookies, 17 types of cookies and 34 types of sugar cookies.
The operation of modern high-performance equipment, strict adherence to the recipe, the use of exclusively high-quality raw materials and materials is the key to the main advantages of “Taze Ay” products. The main production has the high level of technical development. The lines for the production of cookies, muffins, waffles are almost completely automated.
The products of the confectionery plant are exported to the Russian Federation, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Afghanistan.

Production of ice cream and dairy products

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Entrepreneur Orazov Guvanchmyrat is a leading manufacturer of fermented milk products and ice cream in Turkmenistan. Today the assortment of ice cream is 40 types, the assortment of dairy - 30 types. (sour cream 7%, sour cream 10%, dietary sour cream, sour cream enriched with protein, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, suzma, cottage cheese, ayran, biokefir).
These products do not lie stale on the shelves of stores and markets in the country, but "are snapped up", while being much cheaper than imported.
Thanks to the usage of the high-quality raw materials, modern technological equipment, as well as careful quality control and accumulated experience, “Taze Ay” products meet the highest standards and meet the requirements of the modern market.
According to an agreement with NINGBO TAZEAY FOOD CO., LTD of the People's Republic of China, 6.0 tons of ice cream were exported in 2017, and 111.6 tons of 11 types of ice cream in 2018. In 2019, 24.4 tons of 20 types of ice cream were exported.